Communicating with the FCS Board

Faculty, parents, and other third parties wishing to communicate actionable information to the Furlow Governing Board outside of regular public address are asked to email a completed "Information, Concern, or Grievance Form" to the Board Chair.  Upon receipt, the Chair will forward the completed form to the full Governing Board (or ask for more information if necessary), and respond based on the type of form provided. In some cases, the Chair may request referring a concern or grievance to specific faculty, administration, or other personnel before seeking Board action, in order to respect the proper chain of command.

This form requirement does not apply to communication between faculty, parents, and individual Board members for matters being handled by subcommittees or along other established lines of communication beneath the full Board level. It is solely for matters that are intended to be brought before the Board as a whole. 

'Information Item': Relays general observations about what is happening at Furlow, or regarding specific personnel.  This can also include faculty requests to have items put on the Board's formal (or long-term) agenda. Upon receipt of this information, the Chair will confirm receipt within 96 hours, and forward to the full Governing Board. Unless circumstances require, there will be no expected follow-up with the sender.

Examples: Furlow events that the Board should be aware of; items that faculty would like on the agenda; student success stories; faculty recognition; general (or specific) communication regarding the needs or preferences of faculty, parents, and students, etc.

'Concern': Relays general and potentially actionable concerns about what is happening at Furlow, or regarding specific personnel.  Upon receipt of this concern, the Chair will confirm receipt within 96 hours and forward to the full Governing Board.  The Chair will also send a follow-up message summarizing the Board's follow-up within 30 days.

Examples: Any problems that potentially require action, but do not require an immediate response for legal, compliance, or personal reasons. This might include concerns about any aspect of performance, rules and procedures, personnel, maintenance, a recent event, or any specific observation that one finds troubling. 

'Grievance': A 'Grievance' will be defined as "any serious problem or concern expressed to the Board that requests or requires a formal Board response."  The Chair will send an email confirming receipt within 96 hours, and the Governing Board will attempt in good faith to provide a formal response within fourteen days. If a response cannot be provided within fourteen days, a letter explaining the situation will be provided, with a new estimated timeline.

Examples: Grievances should communicate problems that require immediate action from the Board. This can include, but is not limited to, issues involving special education compliance, legal compliance, employee rights, Title IX, and disciplinary appeals or request for tribunal.   

Please complete the below form and email it to the FCS Governing Board Chair, Dr. John LeJeune, at